Spawned from the union of Izanagi and Izanami, the Kami are the animistic spirit gods of Japan. Countless in number and hidden in the natural places of the world, they are gods of cleanliness, tradition and purity. The Kami are extremely insular, refusing to deal with other pantheons lest they come directly to their own doorstep, however despite their snobbery, they have proven time and again to be stalwart allies to those who show proper etiquette and honor.

 Ruling from the Overworld of Takamagahara, the sun goddess Amaterasu watches over all of existence below alongside her court of Amatsukami, the Kami of Heaven. The Imperial bloodline of Japan is directly descended from her and as such she claims all the islands of Nippon as her right. Her power isn't absolute however as two other tribes of Kami follow their own ways. The humble Okuninushi and his pariah father Sussano openly live down on The World alongside their mortal worshippers, these Kunitsukami, or Kami of Earth were once subjugated by Amaterasu but over time the two sides have mostly settled their differences, begrudgingly working alongside one another.

The third tribe of Kami are those adherents of the Buddha who arrived a couple thousand years ago to spread the word of the Shakyamuni. Though originally facing much prejudice, these Palaskami eventually found a home in the Land of the Rising Sun. So much so that the Kami, in their forever haughtiness, now claim that the Buddha was actually born in Japan; not Nepal. A ridiculous claim to all but one rarely challenged.

Scions of the Kami are rarely Born by traditional means, more often they are Created, Reincarnated or Chosen from a royal bloodline. (The Imperial family for instance, are all Chosen Scions of Amaterasu. Though rare Born Scions are celebrated by their communities as sacred and some were even raised directly by their divine parent, always aware of their birthright. Scions of the Kami are usually challenged by the varied hordes of Yokai, the Oni brothers Fujin and Raijin, and the eternal threat of their cursed matriarchal ancestor; the Titan Izanami, the filth of death incarnate.

The Kami are:

  • Amaterasu
  • Sussano-o
  • Hachiman
  • inari
  • Takamikazuchi
  • Okuninushi
  • Ryujin
  • Tenjin
  • jizo
  • Kannon
  • Tsukuyomi 

The Seven Lucky Gods are the sons of Susanno who took on human disguises to advise the Tokugawa Shogunate upon the unification of Japan. Unlike their snooty peers, the Lucky Gods are open, joyous and beloved by the people. They are all Buddhist monks and as such have chosen not to have children as they don't want to subject anyone else to the cycle of Samsara. They frequently act as advisors and guardians to young Scions however, becoming surrogate fathers for many. Their leader Daikokuten, is actually just the Buddhist incarnation of Okuninushi

  • Benzaiten
  • Bishamonten
  • Hotei
  • Ebisu
  • Fukurokuju
  • Jirojin


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