• Andres Jones

    Andres Jones

    Chosen of Mordred. Welsh fisherman who patrols the wharfs of Tokyo.
  • Astrid Snow

    Astrid Snow

    Shapeshiftijg daughter of Loki. Heavy metal front woman who's world tour has led her to Tokyo.
  • Hammy Nakamura

    Hammy Nakamura

    Born of Sussano, 14 years young and unlike most Scioms was raised directly by her divine father. Isolated from the outside world.
  • Jean Boneli

    Jean Boneli

    Born of Legba. Haitian gambler, street performer and con artist who's traveled to Tokyo to take advantage of the peace.
  • Madeline Tulkas (fake name)

    Madeline Tulkas (fake name)

    Born of Zeus. A missing girlfriend has led her to seek help from the Hotogisu.
  • Akira Inoue

    Akira Inoue

    Head Chairman of the Hotogisu Zaibatsu. Mortal immortal.
  • Amaterasu


    The Sun Queen of the Kami. The emperors of Japan are directly descended from her. A shy isolationist.
  • Apthrodite Pandemos/Venus

    Apthrodite Pandemos/Venus

    Theoi goddess of lust, beauty and sexuality. Never forgets a grudge.
  • Athena


    Queen of Olympus. Virgin goddess of wisdom. Overthrew dear old dad and hasn't looked back.
  • Cernunnos


    The Great Goat God of the Gauls. The Horned God. He of prophecy and the wild hunt, Killed by Caesar, wants to bring back his pantheon.
  • Hotei


    "The Laughing Buddha".The band's guide and future Maitreya; the Buddha of the next age.
  • Loki


    Half Jotun, half Aesir god of trickery, deceit, and intersexuality. Fated to start Ragnarok. Paradoxically loved and hated by all. In and out of prison.
  • Manabu Miyazaki

    Manabu Miyazaki

    "The Monster With 21 Faces", Writer, nationalist, photographer, and kitsune who's skill at extortion and disguise has made him the most wanted man in Japan.
  • Satomi Izumi

    Satomi Izumi

    Terrible artist and art terrorist
  • Stagger Lee

    Stagger Lee

    The brutal mercenary son of Ares set on exterminating the mortal line of Zeus to preserve Athena's claim of Olympus. Unstoppable, cruel, and merciless.
  • Sussano


    Pariah Kami who deigns to live in the underworld and earth rather than heaven. Lives in Kyoto openly with his loving massive family. Dirty old man and trickster.