"You are of the Pantheon.

You will be loved.

You will be hated.

In two years you'll be dead" – Ananke, The Wicked and the Divine


Tick Tock Tick Tock, you better heed the warning of the Dharma Clock

Dead Hawk. New world. Old gods. War's coming. Broken chains. The blood of the divine now flows through you. World's your oyster. Die young. Die gloriously. Ascend to the heavens.

Fuck Fate.

Tick Tock Tick Tock, you better heed the warning of the Dharma Clock

This is Born. The game of myth in the modern world.  Our legends, folktales, and gods are not hiding anymore. Tengu infest abandoned Tokyo skyscrapers, Greece has started a Satyr Reservation Program and the ash tree Yggdrasil is used as cheap transportation between worlds. In this setting of gods and monsters you are the hero this World needs. You're a Scion. You've been birthed, created, adopted or reincarnated by a divine being to spread their values and messages in this world, unfortunately the gods are old, crusty and not known for their progressivism. Values are clashing and these children are getting involved in ancient grudges their parents started centuries ago. You've inherited your parent's divine powers  but also their cosmic baggage. 

Born is set in the same universe as my previous campaign Care Forgot. You don't need to know anything about Care Forgot's story to follow this, all you need to know about the setting is that it's our world, but with a plethora of occult powers cursing and blessing mortals to be their pawns in the chessboard of creation. Conspiracies, cults, and cabals fight secret wars in the background of our humdrum existence and no one stays on the top of the food chain for long. Every mystery leads to more mysteries, everyone has a secret, and it's impossible to ever get the full picture of what's going on

We'll start things off in the safest and largest metropolis in the World; Tokyo.

Character Creation 

 You pick a pantheon to be descended from, your pantheon determines the culture you come from as well as the values you're expected to follow. Each Pantheon also has a unique power, tied to the culture of the people they represent. The pantheons are…. (brace yourself)

  • Theoi (Greek)
  • Shen (Chinese)
  • Deva (Hindu)
  • Kami (Shinto/Japanese Buddhism)
  • Dis (Roman)
  • Manitou (Cree/Algonquin)
  • Yazata (Persian)
  • Tuatha Da Danaan (Celtic Irish)
  • Nemedontevos (Gaulish)
  • Annuna (Mesopotamian)
  • Netjer (Egyptian)
  • Aesir (Norse)
  • Teotl (Aztec)
  • Orisha (Yoruban)
  • Loa (Afro Carribean/Voodoun)

Pick a god or goddess from that Pantheon. That god you pick has three associated Callings and an assortment of Purviews related to them.  Pick one of that god's Callings and one of their Purviews to start off with.

Callings determine the mythological archetype you embody, they are loose story structures that Scions draw power from. The role Scions play in the stage play that is their lives. The 11 callings are Creator, Guardian, Healer, Hunter, Judge, Leader, Liminal, Lover, Sage, Trickster, Warrior.